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The trial of Quincy Bailey

Dreamers For Justice is dedicated to uncovering and sharing the stories, causes, and consequences of wrongful convictions as well as cases where a crime may have been committed but the circumstances that led to  such actions where not handled properly in the eyes of justice. We will not allow state or federal government to manipulate the laws as they see fit. We, the people, must stand together and fight for those who may no longer be able to fight for themselves. Only with knowledge, perseverance, endurance, and compassion,  will we minimize these miscarriages of justice, support victims and restore confidence in the justice system. 

Quincy Bailey was ultimately denied the most essential and vital constitutional rights there is for a individual accused of a crime in America. That is the right to trial by jury, the right that a jury shall find an individual guilty of the elements of crime of the convicted charge. This did not happen in the trial of Quincy Bailey… the jury was instructed to find him guilty of Instruction No.4 Manslaughter which carries a statute penalty of 10-20 years, only for the judges to violate the U.S. Constitution to give Bailey life in prison for Murder. However, the jury never agreed nor did the courts change Quincy’s verdict outside from his sentence to a charge he was never convicted by a jury. This is a violation to Quincy’s right to a jury trial.

“The trial of Quincy Bailey.” 

  You can find key points as well as video snippets of the trial below. 

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